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More CyNam Speakers Announced.

The final speakers for the CyNam event on Thursday 30 November have been announced.

Ryan Thornley from Deep Sky Blue will talk about serverless technologies on Amazon Web Services using an example project of making a serverless PDF malware analysis micro service and discussing the benefits of serverless vs traditional architectures.

Chris Sturgess, one of the CyNam directors, will give a talk about financial fraud, in particular with regard to mortgages and invoices and steps to take to become a harder ‘target’.

Dianne Devlin from BPE solicitors will talk about legal issues with Cloud Computing, the risks and what to look out for, including flexible solutions for SMEs.

Together with Graeme Simpson of Roke and Andy Monaghan of Context IS this makes a great line up. If you have not yet signed up for your ticket to attend, please do so here.