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Meet Team Member James Marklove - Staff Profile

Meet James, our Lead Recruitment Consultant in Information Security. James recently celebrated ten years in the recruitment industry and has delivered campaigns and managed services for IT, Telco, Aerospace and Automotive companies across EMEA. We grabbed James for 10 minutes to answer our quickfire-quiz to discover why he enjoys working at InfoSec People and what qualities he’s looking for in his next candidate:

James Marklove InfoSec People Testimonial

What did you do previously to working at InfoSec?

I’ve been in recruitment for twelve years now, for agencies and MSPs large and small. I also had my own small business for a couple of years.

How did you discover your role at InfoSec? (Were you approached or did you apply?)

I saw an advert that Chris posted on LinkedIn. It was so honest and refreshingly to the point that it was the only Consultant role I applied to. It was a leap of faith for both parties, but it’s worked out well so far. It’s by far the most enjoyable job I’ve had in recruitment.

What attracted you to working at InfoSec?

The small team were all experienced and had principles. There was a clear view that recruitment didn’t have to be overly salesy and that we should be very careful about which customers we wanted to partner with. We turn away companies who try to recruit cyber talent in the same way they do for other vacancies, or who don’t have a clear ISMS and a culture of security in their business.

What’s great about working in the InfoSec team?

Every member of the team, every client and every candidate we represent all share our values. Being so transparent and open about what we do actually makes things easy. There’s also a mutual respect between every member of the team here, no matter what their background and level of recruitment experience. Everyone feels engaged and free to contribute their ideas.

What have your proudest moments been in your role at InfoSec been so far?

I’m always proud when the first and only candidate I send to meet a client ends up getting the job. Sometimes you understand the client and their culture so well that you only need to send one CV. I’m also very proud of gaining my CISMP and FIRP status.

If you could do any other job, what would you do?

I’d love to be an investigative journalist, bringing to people’s attention issues that are important to me. Angling tour guide in Central Africa or South America would be pretty cool, too!

James Marklove InfoSec People Testimonial

How would you describe the current position of the Cyber Security Industry and how does recruiting the right candidates impact this positively?

The industry is in a constant state of flux. If I think back three years ago the market was dominated by a handful of defence-oriented MSSPs hoovering up all the experienced talent. Since then there’s been an influx of investment and innovation, leading to a large number of cyber start-up product and service providers. The job roles are much more varied and interesting for candidates now, which is great for them, but the challenge is for companies to adapt their hiring processes and think more carefully about their image as an employer.

What makes a great candidate for you?

A great candidate is anybody who is authentic and open about what they want from their career. The very best candidates I come across, from fresh graduate to CISO, are those who appreciate information security and the concept of risk in its broadest sense, then can clearly pinpoint where their skills fit within that. Understanding what you’re good at, what you love to do at work and then being able to articulate that to an employer or customer will always get you much further in an interview than your certifications.

What would be an ideal company that you wish you could recruit Cyber Security roles for?

It’s hard to quantify what makes an ideal company. The things I look for when first engaging with a new client are strong values and identity, a great story around their product or service, clear market position, exciting work for their employees and a willingness to really partner with me as a recruiter. We’re not a CV factory, so allowing me to give some proper consultative advice about the market and how to hire really motivates me to deliver and saves the hiring team lots of pain and time.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’ve just retired from playing football, so my weekends and evenings are now mostly about tennis, food, drink and catching up with friends I’ve been neglecting during the football season over the last ten years!

If I said I was going to grant you one wish to travel anywhere in the world – where would you go and why?

The archipelago off the coast of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. Pretty much unspoiled and one of the hottest fishing spots on the planet.

Thank you for sharing your insights with us, James! Great to have you in the hot-seat!

James is currently recruiting for some fantastic roles in Information Security, from Security Analysts and Security Engineers; to Security Team Leaders and Infrastructure Engineers - all can be found on our Linkedin Jobs board. If you’d like to discuss any of these roles or a new career opportunity, you can call him on 01242 507104 or email james@infosecpeople.co.uk