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What we’re doing to support women in recruitment


InfoSec People are delighted to have joined ‘Women in Recruitment’, a pioneering organisation that we believe positively guides recruitment firms with practical support in attracting, developing and retaining our female talent.

Women in Recruitment supports female talent in the industry with unique development tools, together with mentoring and networking opportunities that strive to reinforce successful and sustainable careers in recruitment.

Their goal is simple – to inform, advise and assist organisations like us in understanding the business opportunities associated with gender equality and establish the recruitment profession as a brand of excellence in diversity and inclusion practices.

Women in Recruitment Office

With this renewed engagement and development and by connecting women in all areas of recruitment, it’s clear to see how these actions will significantly improve the retention of high-calibre female talent.

We strongly believe that the contribution female talent make to our business and industry must be harnessed and each one given equal opportunities to develop their careers. Therefore, we must have the structures in place for them to reach their full potential.

InfoSec People consists of 64% female team members from our Principal IT Recruitment Consultant, Emma Eatwell; Sophie Aldred, our Executive Search Researcher; Charlotte Still, Charlotte Cross and Hayley McAvoy who make up our Resourcer and Researcher team; to Lauren Thompson our Office Manager and Angie Browning our Marketing Executive – InfoSec People recognises the broad and valuable skillset we have here that we can support and develop, enabling our team to grow with the company and reach their goals, professionally.
We’re proud of the staff retention within our female workforce, with almost two decades of experience in the recruitment industry between team members. It is with this experience that we will be able to mentor and support new staff members entering the industry.

Sophie Aldred, our Executive Search Researcher comments, ‘The culture at InfoSec is like no other I’ve worked in before. There’s a wealth of knowledge in the office that is openly shared and allows you to develop a deeper understanding of our industry. The atmosphere and focus is on developing your own key strengths whilst ultimately working to achieve the key objectives of the InfoSec group in an encouraging environment.’

‘As a new staff member entering the recruitment industry for the first time, I can see how valuable the experience from my team - as well as the support from Women in Recruitment - will be to enable me to achieve my career goals. Feeling supported and encouraged in any job role is key to helping the whole team and business achieve success.’says Angie Browning, Marketing Executive.

Women in Recruitment Office

Women in Recruitment recently published the Women in Recruitment Survey 2015 that highlighted key factors driving the retention and attrition of female talent in recruitment. Amongst a variety of qualitative and quantitive research responses from across the industry, the report identified key factors from individuals that would most encourage them to continue their career in their company that included;

  • more recognition
  • career development
  • flexible working patterns.

These all scored highly, while a lack of clarity in their roles and routes to progression within their companies was shown to impact negatively on career prospects. There was also identified both a need and appetite for;

  • Career development opportunities for women
  • Equality and diversity training/education for companies
  • Networking opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • Sharing/publicising best practices

The conclusions from the report clearly highlighted why female talent left the industry at various points and what we, as employers, can now do to help support them at different stages of their careers.

We look forward to our staff members benefitting from wide available resources from Women in Recruitment – of which there seems to be a ready supply! You can learn more about Women in Recruitment at http://womeninrecruitment.org/

Membership is open to organisations and individuals and they are supported by APSCo.

Women in Recruitment