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Testimonial Tuesday

Candidate Case Study Cyber Security Recruitment

On the last Tuesday of each month, we’ll be turning the microphone over to our clients and candidates to get a few insights into their experience of working with InfoSec People.

This month we speak to Glenn Fitton who recently secured a fantastic new role through InfoSec People. Read on to find out more …

  • Hi Glenn - first of all, congrats on the new role! How did you first hear about InfoSec?

InfoSec first reached out to me after noticing I had recently posted an updated CV online.

  • How did InfoSec People help you?

InfoSec were very good in taking time to understand my own professional and personal objectives prior to suggesting their role.

  • What role did you get offered through InfoSec People and are you glad you made the move?

Senior Information Security Consultant at ITC Secure Networking, and yes, very happy.

  • What did your new role mean to you, or why did it appeal to you?

This new role allows me to work with a larger group of cyber security executives across different industries and different experiences. This will massively contribute to my career development through learning.

  • Who was your main point of contact at InfoSec People?

Cyber Security Recruitment Partner, Hayley McAvoy.

  • What did InfoSec People offer that you weren’t able to find elsewhere?

- Total honesty throughout the process.

- Always available.

  • How do InfoSec People differ from other Recruiters – what would you say made us unique?

As above, InfoSec were very good in taking time to understand my own professional and personal objectives prior to suggested their role.

I didn’t feel like I was just another stock candidate, sat on the recruitment conveyor belt.

  • Would you look to work with InfoSec again in the future or recommend us to colleagues?


  • Any other comments you’d like to make?

From start to finish, my experience throughout the entire process has been a pleasure with InfoSec. Everybody who answers the phone, speaks to you in a friendly and helpful way.

Thank you for chatting with us, Glenn. We’re delighted that your experience with InfoSec People was such a positive one and wish you every success in your new role at ITC Secure. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

Candidate Case Study Cyber Security Recruitment

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