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Video: Common pitfalls when hiring contractors and how to fix them - Ben answers your questions

Hiring Specialist Contract Staff

We took ten minutes with our Lead Consultant for contract roles, Benjamin Craig to discuss some of the common pitfalls when hiring contractors and how to fix them, as well as answering some of your questions. Don’t miss Ben’s valuable insights in this video, which is essential viewing for hiring managers and HR teams.

No time to watch? Click the section with the timestamps below:

  • 00:28 - What will we learn in this video?

  • 00:50 - How much can businesses expect to pay for contractors and how can they ensure they keep within their budget?

  • 01:55 - What’s the best way that a business can work with a recruiter?

  • 02:50 - Why do contractors tend to feel undervalued and underpaid?

  • 04:47 - We asked four hiring managers for their questions:

  • 04:56 - Why are contractors so expensive?

  • 05:42 - How can my business protect itself from additional costs from agencies?

  • 06:41 - When’s the best time to engage with a recruiter, when hiring contractors?

  • 07:34 - How do I find the best talent?

  • 08:08 - Final points

  • 08:51 - End credits

If you have any further questions, chat to Ben on 01242 507108 or email ben@infosecpeople.co.uk