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Testimonial Tuesday #2

Candidate Case Study Cyber Security Recruitment

On the last Tuesday of each month, we turn the microphone over to our clients and candidates to get a few insights into their experience working with InfoSec People.

This month we speak to Kuljit Chauhan who recently secured a fantastic new role through InfoSec People. Read on to find out more …

  • Hi Kuljit - first of all, huge congratulations on the new role! How did you first hear about InfoSec?

InfoSec (through Hayley McAvoy) contacted me first for a role that was being advertised and managed by InfoSec.

  • How did InfoSec help you?

At first, when approached about the role I didn’t think it was what I was looking for and that maybe I didn’t have the right experience for it. I had heard about the organisation but didn’t really know much about them. Hayley took the time to go through in detail the organisation, recent growth and reasons for the role needing to be filled. She asked pointed questions which helped me to think of examples where in my previous roles these had covered the subject matter and this eventually helped me see the potential of the role and that I was a good fit as a candidate.

  • What role did you get through InfoSec and are you glad you made the move?

Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Context Information Security and yes I am glad that I have decided to make the move.

  • What did your new role mean to you, or why did it appeal to you?

The new role means that I can get back into a consulting position where I am meeting and delivering a service to clients. It also allows me to work in the industry which I am interested in and passionate about. The growing organisation and being part of something which is currently in development in the Response function is also challenging. The culture of the organisation is also a great fit, with the flexible working and the no-suits policy.

  • Who was your main point of contact at InfoSec?

Hayley McAvoy, InfoSec’s Cyber Security Recruitment Partner was my main and only point of contact at InfoSec.

  • What did InfoSec offer that you weren’t able to find elsewhere?

I found Hayley to be very patient and respectful of my time. I was able to think things through and ask any questions.

  • How do InfoSec differ from other Recruiters – what would you say made us unique?

There was no pushiness or forcing me into making decisions or attending meetings on dates and times which I have experienced in the past. I found Hayley to be very knowledgeable on the client she was representing and able to answer every question I had.

When I had to reschedule an interview at short notice due to my wife being ill Hayley was very responsive and supportive, she rearranged the interview and managed her client in ensuring that it did not impact the process in any way which I am ever so grateful for.

  • Would you look to work with InfoSec again in the future or recommend us to colleagues?

Yes definitely, the whole experience has been a positive and streamlined process which I would recommend to friends and colleagues.

  • Any other comments you’d like to make?

Just to say thanks to Hayley and everyone else at Infosec that has helped me find my ideal role to progress in my career.

Candidate Case Study Cyber Security Recruitment

It’s been really great to hear your story, Kuljit - thank you! We’re really delighted to have found you the perfect role - and Context Information Security, the perfect candidate!

Wishing you lots of success in your new position and please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

Can Hayley find you the perfect role, just as she did for Glenn? If anyone can - Hayley can! Give her a call on 01242 507102 or email hayley@infosecpeople.co.uk