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12 days of Cyber Security - 11 Awesome Team Members

InfoSec People Team

Did you know that the InfoSec People team is made up of 11 super individuals? We’ve achieved some incredible successes this year and each and every one of our team members have contributed hugely. Together, they are Team InfoSec!

Here’s their individual top highlight of 2018;


  • ‘Being recognised for our IRP award was my highlight as it was lovely to see Chris our MD get a pat on the back and acknowledgement for all the hard work he has put in over the years to make it a great place to work. It was a perfectly timed reward.


  • ‘Biggest highlight for me was coming back from maternity leave and (successfully?!) juggling toddlers and recruitment!’


  • ‘Being recognised for our IRP award for Best Company to Work for Under 20 Employees!’


  • ‘Getting my first client!’


  • ‘Starting our Women in Cyber community and planning lots of exciting initiatives for 2019!’


  • ‘Building out a Consultant Team in London for a big client.’


  • ‘Honestly for me it’s just been the day-to-day; working with such a professional, motivated and tight-knit team and seeing us all work together to achieve everything we’ve achieved!’


  • ‘Swinging from tree to tree at our GoApe! Summer team event…And winning our IRP award was great to!’


  • ‘Setting up the finance processes and working with a fab group of people - and just really enjoying working here!’


  • Summer Go Ape was pretty epic…! Seeing all the positive feedback from our clients; Having people say what a great team we have; Winning our IRP ‘Best Company award…’
  • There are a lot of highlights!

InfoSec People Team

As you can read, there were a lot of highlights in 2018 and we’re looking forward to many more in 2019!