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Charlotte reaches out at a STEM careers event.

Our STEM ambassador, Charlotte, headed to a Pittville School careers fair this week to speak with Year 8 students at about different routes into STEM subject jobs.

The students are in the process of choosing their GCSE subjects, so it is a really important time to gain a thorough understanding of what subjects they enjoy and explain a little more about how that can translate into STEM subjects or careers in IT/Cyber Tech.

“Some of the students I met had taken part in coding events in primary school and really enjoyed them, but they hadn’t necessarily understood that there were legitimate career paths available using these skills. It is always so nice when you see somebody get excited over a potential future job and discuss the best routes for them to get there.”

Another major part of a careers fair is understanding broader skillsets, Charlotte explains: “These students are only twelve and thirteen, so it is really tough for them to know what they do and don’t like yet. Most of them seem to love drama and art, so a lot of the time it is about understanding what that means to them; what they enjoy about it.

“Drama is a good example as it has a lot of transferable skills into careers which involve social skills, confidence, and creativity, so maybe sales and marketing or consultancy would be a good route to consider.”

Charlotte has been a STEM ambassador for two years and believes that giving back to the younger generation is a really important part of working in technology. “There is a perceived skills gap for emerging and existing careers within IT and cyber security. Whilst it is not as significant as some people make out, there is a clear need for a higher uptake of interest in technology as a career as the world becomes increasingly automated. We simply need more people to choose these paths than ever!”

To find out more about Charlotte’s involvement in STEM, watch her speak about the project here.