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Our Experience

InfoSec People have over 15 years of recruitment experience working within Cyber Security and Technology. We are based in Cheltenham and Bristol, two of the UK’s most prominent cities across Cyber Security and Defence.

Over the years we have become experts in the unique requirements and sensitivities associated with SC/DV/UKIC-cleared roles. We have cultivated an extensive network of candidates who are cleared at all levels. We work with clients throughout the UK who demand confidentiality, efficiency, and a broad understanding of this sector. We sponsor and attend relevant events, and organisations regularly contact our team for advice on the availability of skill sets. 

Our team has extensive experience assisting service leavers and ex-military personnel in finding new and exciting opportunities. We support them during their resettlement periods by providing talks and presentations directly at MOD sites across the UK, helping them transition smoothly into civilian life.


We have worked with organisations within the Cyber security, Government, Defence, and Critical National Infrastructure sectors. We understand the sensitivity surrounding security cleared roles and confidentiality is forged into every aspect of our operations ensuring a discreet and trustworthy recruitment process.

Our experienced and qualified consultants advise candidates on everything from security clearance procedures through to the interview and selection process, either as a permanent hire or as an interim solution.


Recent placements

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Case Study

Physical Security Consultancy and Training Provider

Lead Security Engineer

The company

A leading independent provider of information security, physical security consultancy, and training in the UK.

The requirement

The company faced a challenge when one of their clients, a major Defence supplier, required a highly specialised Lead Security Engineer for a critical project. The client required a candidate with specific expertise in MoD and intricate knowledge of the project’s subject matter.

The process

The company turned to InfoSec People for assistance and guidance, and together they quickly identified a candidate who perfectly matched the client’s needs.

The candidate was new to contracting, and the company worked closely with InfoSec People to provide support throughout the process.

They utilised digital tools for document signing, which saved time and made the process smoother and more manageable for everyone involved.

The outcome

Thanks to this successful collaboration, the company was able to make an informed decision and make an immediate offer to the candidate. 

The new hire had a significant impact on the project, helping improve morale and the quality of output, which in turn had a positive effect on the delivery of the wider program. The client of the company was impressed, and the company’s reputation received an enormous boost.

The outcome of this successful project is a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and teamwork. The company and InfoSec People proved to be the perfect partners, delivering an exceptional outcome for their client, and cementing their position as industry leaders in their respective fields.

Data Science and Analytical Consultancy

Data Scientist for upcoming Government projects

The company

A London-based data science and analytical consultancy is at the forefront of leveraging emerging technologies, evidence-based methodologies, and data science to inform strategic decision-making across government, industry, defence, security, intelligence, insurance, and international affairs. They specialise in developing analytical, data-driven, and AI-based solutions.

The requirement

A growing company in data science and AI required additional capacity in their data science division. They sought an individual with strong technical expertise, experience in an SME environment, an entrepreneurial mindset, and robust technical skills. This person needed access to high-level research, the ability to work independently, and eligibility for SC clearance.

The process

While the company had previously engaged recruiters, they chose to collaborate exclusively with InfoSec People to better understand their specific requirements. They aimed for a more targeted recruitment process after facing challenges with a previous campaign that generated over 500 applicants but lacked specialisation and efficiency.

Due to previous challenges within the campaign, it was paramount to have a proper partnership where InfoSec People’s recruiters worked alongside the company to be the main point of call for negotiating timeframes, interviews, handling queries and communicate in detail with the candidate so that the company had time to focus on upcoming projects.

The outcome

The successful search empowered the company to explore future projects in their business plan that might have otherwise been difficult to discover within their time constraints.

The company are continuing to expand and move to a model where they can recruit independently of individual contracts. They want to continue on their upward trajectory to be able to continue to grow at a steady rate.