The SME journey

Scaling any business can be challenging and fraught with obstacles. You’re developing a ground-breaking new product, sourcing funding partners, seeking clients and growing an inspired team.

Whilst fundamental to the success of any cyber tech scale-up, for a lot of cyber-tech entrepreneurs recruiting talent can often mean a huge amount of work outside of your comfort zone. The challenge of finding, acquiring and retaining the right people to trust with your valuable ideas can create a whole host of challenges, all whilst you are deeply involved in the technical aspects of your business.

Why InfoSec People

We’re here to guide you through the process, working with you from initial consultation on your first hire, right through to building out teams across multiple disciplines. We enable you to grow: not only do we find you the best talent, we provide support and advice, allowing you to focus on what matters most, growing your brand and reach.

We offer scalable solutions and we understand your timeframes and your budgets. We can find you contingent hires on a one-off basis and as well as work with you exclusively to build a team. Best of all, we can help you understand when it’s the right time to do it.

We also offer innovative payment options, onboarding and retention mentoring, and introduce you to both clients and potential investors.

Our Partnerships


InfoSec People are recognised as the official Talent Acquisition Partner for Plexal and Betaden. We enable the scale-up businesses who are part of the accelerators to benefit from our mentoring sessions on how to attract, hire and retain top cyber and tech talent.

We want to enable scale-ups to hire as many people directly as possible with zero cost, utilising our knowledge and experience.

Your problems, solved


We understand that scaling a business leaves you time-poor. We can manage the entire recruitment process from end to end, if required.


Defining your brand identity and culture is crucial to ensuring you hire people who ‘fit’. We help to define your identity and ethos appropriately.


Innovation is driven by Community, Capability and Culture. We support CyNam, Hub8, Betaden, and bring an unrivalled network in the Cyber Scale-Up scene.


Positioning your brand within the talent market is also crucial in securing the best people. We help define your “Why” as well as your “What” and “How”.


We have a genuine passion for this sector and continuously explore the latest advancements and trends in cyber technology, keeping you informed every step of the way.


Finding the right investor is absolutely crucial. We get this and have proven contacts at Angel, VC and PE levels for you to explore.


To ensure you have the best access to talent, we actively map the market and perform regular salary reviews to maximise your competitiveness


Tech isn’t everything. Team fit and culture can be just as important and we can help you understand what makes people tick with appropriate psychometric testing.

Meet our specialist

Thomas Dyson is a specialist SME recruitment partner for InfoSec People. He works across cybersecurity and technology, for both permanent and contract positions.

His main focus is working with start-ups and scale-ups within the industry. He works hard to ensure you have the best options available. From initial conversation through to continued development, you can be confident that our partnership puts your growth at the centre of everything we do.

To find out more about how InfoSec People could be a strategic partner for your business, contact Tom today for an informal discussion.

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