Hub 8 Capture the Flag event

During 2021 InfoSec People became one of the main sponsors for the Hub 8  Capture the Flag events.

Capture the Flag events are computer security competitions where participants compete in security-themed challenges for the purpose of obtaining the highest score. Competitors are expected to “capture flags” to increase their score.

These competitions have been increasing in popularity, they help develop essential skills required to follow a career in the cybersecurity industry.

We’ve spoken to host and creator of the Hub 8 event Illyana Mullins, to deep dive into why this event was created, how they’ve gone so far and the future of the Hub 8 CTF events.


What was the idea behind the Capture the Flag event?

After speaking with the local community and companies who work at Hub 8, I realised there were a lot of people in our community who would love a fun hands-on event that also helped provide a place to network, and either learn new skills or improve current ones. The CTF events help fulfil the Hub 8 aim to connect the local cyber sector with academia.

Why did you chose Capture the Flag as the event competition?

Capture the flag is a good way to introduce people to Penetration Testing and give people hands on experience with cyber security. It is a fun event that can be tailored for any skill level, which needs very little base knowledge to start, as well as very little in the way of materials to get started, which means it’s good for beginners and those who are experienced as well. Just bring your own computer and jump right in. Plus, it brings a bit of competition for those with more experience, which is always a great way to keep people engaged.

What would you like to get out of these events?

My goal is to introduce people to cyber security. Whether this allows them to identify a possible career change or encourage a course of study as we are starting to get more students involved, or just be more informed about the threats that their businesses face – it’s a good way to share knowledge. I think that hands on events like this give people a really good idea of whether it’s something they are interested in or have a passion in. The more people in cyber security and technology the better.

How the events have gone so far?

It is hard to believe how much it has grown so much in just a few months. Our first month we had 12 attendees all beginners and last month for our fourth event we had over 20 attendees both beginner and advanced. We also have a much better platform which is provided by our other sponsor Try Hack Me, which gives us a more concrete base for helping our beginners, while also giving our more advanced group a real challenge. We are looking forward to seeing how the event continues to grow.

What are the future plans for the CTF event?

Currently our event is a red team exercise, the more offensive side of cyber security. In 2022 we are hoping to expand this to also include a second blue team (defensive) CTF event.

For our advanced attendees we are looking to open the event to advanced members virtually, which would allow us to do a large country wide CTF towards the end of the year, and for our beginners we want them to get hands on experience of pen-testing, which is a skill that is in high demand. In the future, we are looking to expand hosting the event at both Hub 8 locations, and we are keen to use the Advanced Digital Academy space for this at the Gloucestershire College Campus (Cheltenham).

InfoSec Peoples sponsorship involvement

As sponsors for the Capture the Flag events, InfoSec People have been providing free Fat Toni’s pizza and drinks. We’ve also sponsored prizes such as a Raspberry Pi and InfoSec merch. We’ll be continuing our sponsorship with these events throughout 2022 with food, drinks and prizes! 

The Hub 8 Capture the Flag events happen every month with the next event taking place on Thursday the 17th March at 6pm at Hub 8 | Brewery Quarter | Unit H2. Sign up below:

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