Q&A with Enclave Networks

We spoke to Enclave Networks Founder & CEO, David Notley and CTO Marc Barry, veterans of the Innovate UK, LORCA and Startupbootcamp accelerators.

About Enclave Networks:

Enclave Networks is a UK-based company engaged in the research and development of new computer security technologies.

Enclave Networks helps business and public sector bodies understand and overcome emerging cybersecurity threats, and believe in adopting more preventative methods to deal with cybercrime which lower complexity barriers to secure and effective digital communication.

The Q&A shared valuable insight into the future of remote connectivity, the inherent vulnerabilities from using VPN servers and why we should be adopting a zero-trust philosophy.

What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is a security concept centered on the belief that organisations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters, and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems, before granting access.
Recognising that existing approaches aren’t doing enough, enterprise leaders are searching for something better – and are finding that the Zero Trust model can deliver the best results.

Site-to-site VPNS is currently normal practice for businesses, but this presents three challenges:

● Complex configuration – Punching holes in firewalls and increased security takes engineering time
● Visible front door – VPNs become a point of attack
● Private network access- Often, once an attacker is in, they have access to whole network

Enclave follows authenticate-then-connect technology, making your infrastructure invisible, protecting you from attack. With Authenticate then connect – the connections are established as client-client connections. Firewalls stay closed, raising the level of security of the network.

Enclave builds Zero Trust Overlay Networks, allowing organisations to effortlessly connect, manage and secure all their computers, servers, cloud instances and containers across any infrastructure, without having to reconfigure any core network infrastructure.

What does this mean?

The connections are invisible and micro-segmented, it’s harder to attack something you don’t know is there, reducing the risk and scale of security incidents. This effectively means nothing can connect to it unless it carries out authentication first, rendering systems invisible to the private network.

Enclave not only fundamentally makes networks more secure by taking a zero-trust approach to network connectivity, but also simplifies to remove complexity.

Find out more about Enclave Networks SaaS platform and all its benefits.

For more information about Enclave Networks, and how they give IT professionals a simple way to rapidly build secure connectivity between any application, computer system, device or infrastructure — regardless of the underlying network, visit their website.

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