Spotlight: Cirrus Software Solutions

It’s Spotlight time!

Here at InfoSec People, we love to engage with our cyber & tech community across the UK, and share their origin stories with our network! For this spotlight issue, we are highlighting Cirrus Software Solutions

:: Who are Cirrus Software Solutions?

Cirrus Software Solutions is a software technology and consultancy company operating within the United Kingdom, helping customers solve their toughest software and data challenges. They work with both private and public clients, including government agencies specialising in critical national infrastructure, national security, and defence. They also partner with clients outside of these sectors who have a mission or purpose behind their work that is aligned with Cirrus’ mission of protecting the UK and its citizens. Cirrus offer a broad range of services, including WebDev, microservice architecture, software delivery management, and consultative services. Their expertise leans towards data engineering, and they understand that modern technologies, such as cloud computing, require proper data engineering to support their products.

:: Who are the key members of the Cirrus team?

Every member of staff at Cirrus is a key member, without them the company wouldn’t be what it is today.

Elizabeth, Mel, and Jez are the founders of Cirrus. Al, their CTO,  also plays a significant role; having previously worked with all three founders, they knew how good he was with people and how technically strong he is. Jez brings a wealth of experience from having previously founded companies.  The founders and the CTO makes up the board of Cirrus. All of the board members have been software engineers at some point in their lives, giving them a deep understanding of the day-to-day life of a software engineer.

:: What was the driving force behind the creation of Cirrus Software Solutions?

The first meeting that led to the creation of Cirrus (before naming, branding, and product) was centred around the agreement that whatever they build, PEOPLE have to be at the centre. This core value ties the founders together.

Another driving force behind Cirrus was the importance of female leadership. It is rare to see many software companies with a female CEO or founder. The founders knew that Elizabeth would make a fantastic CEO, and it was important for her to demonstrate opportunity and representation within the industry.

:: What range of services does Cirrus offer?

Cirrus offers a range of bespoke services, including software consultancy covering full stack development from front end to databases. All staff are trained in cloud technologies to either the associate level or specialising, for example in Machine Learning or security (Cirrus funds their training through AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers). They also work on edge AI concepts, on a drone project that also utilises geospatial mapping and integrating these with existing large meteorological data sets. Additionally, Cirrus excels in agile and scalable deliveries, working on multiple large projects and addressing complex problems.

They are multi-skilled, multifaceted, and equipped with the right tools to solve any problem—they are true problem solvers!

:: What sets Cirrus apart from its competitors?

Cirrus ensures they have the right tools for the right problem, with a focus on specialisations such as data engineering. However, what truly sets them apart are their values and commitment to upholding them:

  • Problem-solvers: We are problem-solvers equipped with the best tools, tackling challenges that lead to rewarding and impactful outcomes.
  • Act with integrity: We conduct business with integrity, building relationships based on mutual respect, honesty, transparency, and active listening.
  • Foster respect and collaboration: We promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration to ensure happiness and satisfaction for all.

All their business upholds their values and that’s a hard thing to do in practice.

:: What are Cirrus Software’s plans for the next 3 years?

Cirrus Software aims for sustainable growth over the next three years. This involves:

  • Recruiting the Right Talent: Finding the perfect blend of skilled people and suitable work, which they describe as a “magic mix.”
  • Establishing a Permanent Home: Securing a permanent location for the company in Bristol.
  • Expanding and Working on Exciting Projects: This includes taking on interesting projects, such as their work with drones.
  • Fostering a Passionate Team: Ensuring that the team members genuinely enjoy their work, as they believe “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

:: Where did you get the name Cirrus Software Solutions from?

With Cloud being such a big topic, they wanted something that ‘linked’. Cirrus are the highest clouds in the sky and are formed by rising air, they literally rise to the top!

To learn more about Cirrus Software Solutions and how they can benefit your organisation, click on their logo below to visit their website, or visit their Linkedin.

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