Spotlight: Dial A Geek

It’s Spotlight time!

Here at InfoSec People, we love to engage with our cyber & tech community across the UK, and share their origin stories with our network!

For this spotlight issue, we are highlighting Dial A Geek

A Bristol-based managed service provider focusing on cybersecurity compliance.

What is Dial A Geek?

Dial A Geek’s mission is to protect your business, your goals, and the environment, doing so in the greenest way possible. They concentrate on the cybersecurity compliance aspect, with their two main target markets being green tech/B Corps and recruitment companies.

Who are the key members of the Dial A Geek team?

With over 30 years of experience in every area of tech support, Dial A Geek is a team of nine members with two directors: Gildas Jones as Managing Director and Yusra Shaeik as Technical Director. Dial A Geek retains its staff well, with most members having been there for multiple years.

What was the driving force behind the creation of Dial A Geek?

In 2006, Gildas was working from his kitchen, sorting IT issues for friends and local businesses he had met over the years. This endeavour picked up rapidly, leading him to realise the need to hire employees. Dial A Geek went through multiple changes, first moving away from single end-user support to110 business support only, then transforming from an IT Support to a Managed Services Provider, and then finding their specialism in cyber security compliance. The ability to stay on top of new technology and offer it to clients while working on various IT aspects including compliance, contributes to keeping the team motivated and excited about their work.

What range of services does Dial A Geek offer?

Dial A Geek provides managed services to its clients, with a focus on cybersecurity compliance. Their service packages are built around different compliance levels. The basic compliance level involves getting clients certified with Cyber Essentials. The middle plan continues support with Cyber Essentials Plus, and the top plan includes all service stations plus ISO 270001 and IASME Cyber Assurance (which is ISO equivalent). Dial A Geek provide a full digital transformation to the client during their onboarding process.  As a core service, clients also receive general ongoing support from Dial A Geek’s help desks, addressing issues related to cybersecurity or the productivity of the business . Additionally, they offer broadband installation and cloud-managed networks. In essence, Dial A Geek provides a holistic, all-in-one IT service to ensure clients meet certification standards.

What sets Dial A Geek apart from its competitors?

Two significant factors distinguish Dial A Geek:

  • Managed services built around several security compliance levels rather than offering cybersecurity as an add-on.
  • Certification as a certification body for Cyber Essentials and IASME Cyber Assurance Level One, enabling them to prepare clients for certification, conduct assessments, and award certifications—all in-house. Additionally, being BCorp Certified, Dial A Geek actively engages in green projects, including end-of-life programs and sourcing refurbished equipment to ensure sustainability in the products supplied to clients.

What are Dial A Geek’s plans for the next 3 years?

Dial A Geek plans to grow in numbers, focusing on further training for their staff and updating services with additional security features. Having already established the best customer experience, their next step involves extending their cyber security offering. One main service they are exploring is the ability to award Cyber Essentials Plus and pursue various certifications independently.

We highly recommend visiting the Dial A Geek website to find out more about the work they do.

Meet the Dial A Geek team

Their Managed Services explained

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