Spotlight: Golden Valley & Factory Cheltenham

InfoSec People are close supporters of the Golden Valley and the recently announced Factory Cheltenham. We caught up with Jeremy Bamberg and Matt Bellshaw of HBD x Factory to hear more about the project.

Golden Valley – Cheltenham’s £1bn Innovation District

Its first phase aims to create a pioneering Garden Community that integrates hi-tech business, residential and leisure uses. At the heart is Factory Cheltenham, the National Cyber Innovation Centre, which builds upon Cheltenham’s international reputation for leadership in cyber innovation.

Some key themes of the project include:

  • Cyber, Tech & Innovation: Golden Valley aims to catalyse and support the thriving local cyber ecosystem and position Cheltenham as the UK’s CyberTech capital.


  • High-Quality Housing: Focused on supplying a diverse range of housing options, Golden Valley will offer a vibrant Garden Community that caters to younger people’s needs, fostering a strong sense of community.


  • Regeneration, Integration and Culture: With diligent planning and a commitment to inclusive growth, Golden Valley aspires to become an exceptional place to live, work, and enjoy life. By blending innovative businesses, new homes, and culture while integrating the existing community, Golden Valley aims to establish a dynamic and inclusive Garden Community for a diverse mix of users.


  • Sustainability & Green Living: Golden Valley is prioritising sustainability by incorporating innovative green technologies, eco-friendly infrastructure, and resource-efficient designs. The team is committed helping Cheltenham deliver a greener future, ensuring that the plans will not only help residents but also preserve the beauty and ecological health of the surrounding Cheltenham area.

The Heart of Golden Valley – Factory Cheltenham

Factory Cheltenham is a 160,000 sq. ft. innovation centre designed to foster connections between the most innovative minds and companies in the cyber industry, while building links with other sectors. Recognised as the National Cyber Innovation Centre within HMG’s National Cyber Strategy, Factory Cheltenham joins a dynamic local ecosystem and exciting partner both locally and nationally promoting culture, tech, and innovation in the national security sector.

Factory Cheltenham’s thoughtful, sustainable design encourages collaboration between innovators, creatives, and locals, combining flexible office, social, and amenity spaces amidst a stunning landscape. The building plays a key role in providing space, events and support for the local ecosystem as it continues to grow and gain national significance.

The Partnership

Golden Valley is being delivered by HBD x Factory in partnership with Cheltenham Borough Council. The aim of the partnership is to build on the city’s reputation for innovation and continue to attract the best and brightest minds in the cyber industry to create a safer and more connected world.

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