Spotlight: INSINTO

It’s Spotlight time!

Here at InfoSec People, we love to engage with our cyber & tech community across the UK, and share their origin stories with our network!

For this spotlight issue, we are highlighting INSINTO

We spoke with Founder, Adam Bolas to hear more about why he started INSINTO.


When was the company founded? 2022

Startup tagline: Making the web safer for everyone.

Startup description: For organisations that have problems with digital safety and cultural challenges, they offer AI powered language and content analysis to prevent harm and mitigate risks to users.

I started INSINTO to engage in ethically developing AI solutions that can make a real social impact in protecting the lives of children, vulnerable people, or anyone online that may, at some point, be susceptible to being exploited or open to harm.

As a kid I had people contacting me and trying to lure me into situations, but luckily my dad couldn’t afford a webcam – but today the situation is very different, just look at the top of your phone!

Kids are way more confident and comfortable in risky situations online, Omegle was a trove of shared video calls all over TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, with strangers calling children as young as 3 years old in their bedrooms.

With that, and more or less extreme situations to date, INSINTO is designed to evolve and grow with language and how we communicate. Built on ethical practices and complex data, our technology aims to prevent as many cases as possible containing harmful content or platforms online.

INSINTOs AI sits within an application or network, from there it works independently to recognise and resolve harmful content being accessed and shared. They leverage the latest data and trends in collaboration with academia and research institutions to understand language as it evolves.

From three seconds it can

Detect harmful content

Classify content and platforms

Remove and report unwanted or toxic content

Community plugins being built to detect harmful content anywhere

Diverse AI Solutions: Mirroring the World’s Rich Tapestry

Diversity is not just a buzzword for INSINTO; it’s an integral part of their model’s DNA. They believe that for AI to be truly effective, it needs to understand and represent the myriad of human experiences and perspectives. At Insinto they’re creating a model that’s as diverse as the world it serves.

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