Spotlight: ORNA

:: What is ORNA and what sets you apart?

ORNA is an end-to-end incident response automation platform for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that helps streamline or automate detection, response, and even prevention of cyberattacks on the organisation’s assets, all in a single tool with live 24/7 specialist support from our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC).

ORNA is designed to be accessible to less experienced users. ORNA’s proprietary AI, Theia, is embedded in every vital area of the platform, enabling deep conversational insights on demand.

ORNA is the only Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform with full mobile device support.

Finally, ORNA plays nice with over 200 3rd-party tools, such as EDR, XDR, SIEM, ITSM, SOAR, and others, and can ingest and process data from them, orchestrating threat detection, response, remediation, and more.

:: Who is the founding team at ORNA?

Our founders Logan (CEO), Jana (CTO) and Martyn (President) come with over 40 years of cyber security experience between them ranging across both public and private sectors, that includes badges such as Deloitte, BAE Systems and GCHQ.

“The best thing about taking an idea to build out a multi-million dollar tech startup, with all the ups and downs that come with it, is being able to share it with two of your best friends” – Martyn.

The ORNA founding team have been able to steer the startup over the past 2.5 years to 7 figure investment, Canadian tech product of the year and more recently Canadian startup of the year, selected by Google.

:: What was the driving force behind the creation of ORNA?

Like all the best ideas, the founding team came together over a beer and put the world to rights. For us it was in a bar in Toronto, Canada back in 2019 whereby we recognised that the financial barrier for entry for SMBs into procuring enterprise level cyber security solutions was a pipe dream and therefore not bought, leaving organisations vulnerable to cyber attack and arguably worse, unable to respond to a cyber incident.

We began our journey as a cyber security consultancy, Wembley Partners, delivering Incident Response planning, playbook building and cyber resilience training. With support from the BetaDen accelerator we initially funded the design and build of a SaaS Incident Response platform allowing us to drastically reduce the cost of SMBs obtaining the ability to identify and respond to a cyber security incident. This was the birth of ORNA and the incorporation of ORNA Inc.

:: How is ORNA different from traditional Incident Response activities for a business?

ORNA is an end-to-end incident response automation platform for SMBs that helps streamline or automate detection, response, and even prevention of cyberattacks on the organisation’s assets, all in a single platform with live 24/7 specialist support.

The platform brings together overarching cyber incident response across all business functions, such as legal, HR, communications, and others; as well as automates evidence collection, communications, vulnerability management, allowing us to:


 Prevent breaches from happening using integrated Risk, Asset, and Vulnerability Management features to prevent breaches from occurring in the first place, and to streamline compliance.


Detect complex threats 24/7, being able to deploy in minutes, protecting cloud, on-premise, and hybrid infrastructure from thousands of attack scenarios.


Eliminate breach response guesswork, resolving cyber incidents 80% faster with intuitive team management, automations, and AI playbooks for attack scenarios of all types and complexities.

:: What distinguishes ORNA from its competition?

Whatever method you use for mapping the Incident Response or Incident Management vendor landscape, ORNA is the entire process. With simple same day setup we help SMBs recover from cyber security incidents using AI-driven playbooks and free 24/7 Incident Response specialist support.

:: What are ORNA’s plans for the next 3 years?

Simple. To be the go-to market leading incident response and management software for small and medium businesses globally.

:: Tell us more about ORNA and how it supports SMBs during a cyber incident.

ORNA’s Incident Response feature set follows the SANS framework. It is designed to streamline incident response procedures for significant security breaches, minimising downtime and financial and reputation damage to an organization whilst enabling free 24/7 access to our Incident Response specialists.

ORNA uses highly detailed incident response Playbooks, which contain detailed step-by-step tasks outlining the actions a given team member should carry out as part of the most efficient and effective response. The goal is to eliminate guesswork regardless of the type or complexity of the attack.

ORNA comes with a host of built-in Playbooks available immediately, such as Ransomware, Denial of Service, Insider Threat, Phishing, and others.

A picture paints a thousand words so follow the link and see for yourselves

ORNA Respond

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