The emerging cyber and tech landscape in Bristol

Bristol has become a hub for cyber and tech companies, with a growing number of startups and established firms in the sector. From AI to robotics, Bristol is home to a diverse range of businesses that are pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating new opportunities in the industry.

We’ve taken a closer look at the Bristol cyber and tech scene, its key players, and what makes it an exciting place to be for those working in the field.

What are some of the key factors that have made Bristol a Cyber and Tech powerhouse in recent years?

Bristol celebrates having a fantastic mix of Cybersecurity start-ups & SMEs alongside some of the biggest names within Aerospace, Engineering, Financial and Insurance Services. The mix of Bristol’s traditional economical standing, alongside our ability to harbour innovative thinking has made Bristol the opportune location to culture a network of Cybersecurity talent that is quickly becoming recognised on a Global scale. Add to this the backing from our two local Universities (who both engage closely with the Cybersecurity space in Bristol and have very strong Cybersecurity research programs,) as well as our connections with Cardiff, Bath, Cheltenham, Bristol has all the ingredients to be a true leader within the Cybersecurity market.

What types of companies and industries are driving the growth of Bristol’s tech sector?

Bristol has always been a highly collaborative city, and this is represented well by the Cyber and Tech sector. Organisations such as TechSPARK help in fostering growth by providing a community for Tech & Cyber professionals to collaborate and share ideas. The diversity within the Bristol Tech market means that SME’s can learn from Global Organisations, and vice versa.

Bristol also provides platforms for Tech startups to gain a real footing within the market; organisations like SETsquared “incubate tech startups” to help local Tech ventures grow and succeed. SETsquared were born out of the University of Bristol, proving the city’s ability to ensure that our Tech talent prospers. SETsquared have supported over 4,000 entrepreneurs, all starting in Bristol and the Southwest.

Bristol is also opening the door of Cyber to communities that have previously been under-represented within the Tech & Cyber industry. Organisations like UnlockCyber partner with local employers in Bristol and local Universities to provide Cyber opportunities to young people, encouraging diversity in thought and a new generation of local talent.

What steps are being taken to attract more talent and investment to Bristol’s tech sector?

Because Bristol has experienced such rapid growth within Tech and Cyber, the opportunities for Cybersecurity professionals has never been greater. This is why InfoSec People have recently opened our Bristol office, because we have recognised the real opportunity to make the Bristol Cybersecurity market a driving force across the UK and beyond.

A range of initiatives have been launched, including the creation of incubators and accelerators, the provision of funding for startups, and the development of training programs to help people acquire the skills needed for the opportunities of the future. We have seen local companies such as Immersive Labs secure investment to help bolster the influence of the Bristol Cybersecurity scene.

Bristol as a city has always been at the forefront of conversations surrounding Diversity & Inclusion. Our Tech sector is proactively addressing the issue of under-representation through a range of initiatives, including mentorship programs, diversity training, and outreach efforts to attract a more diverse range of talent. Bristol is diverse, so being able to foster this within Cyber will be massively beneficial for the future of Cyber Security and diversity of thought.

What are some of the future innovations that we might expect to come out the Bristol tech sector?

From IoT to BioTechnology, Bristol has a real opportunity to shape future innovations within the Cyber and Tech scene.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Bristol is home to the Bristol Is Open project, which is focused on building a city-wide experimental network to test IoT technologies. This could lead to new innovations in areas like smart cities, transportation, and environmental monitoring.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Bristol has a growing community of researchers and companies focused on AI and ML. We can expect to see new applications of these technologies in fields like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.


The University of Bristol has a strong robotics research group, and there are several companies in the area working on robotics and automation. We could see new developments in fields like agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Bristol has a growing community of VR/AR companies, and we can expect to see new applications in fields like education, entertainment, and architecture.


As technology becomes more ubiquitous, cybersecurity will become increasingly important. Bristol has several companies working on cybersecurity solutions, and we can expect to see new innovations in this field.


Bristol has a thriving biotech scene with a strong focus on research and development in areas such as genetics, stem cells, and synthetic biology. The University of Bristol is a key player with several spin-out companies, and there are also several biotech companies based in Bristol. The city has science parks and innovation centres that provide facilities for biotech startups and researchers, making it a dynamic and rapidly growing sector with significant potential for innovation.


Bristol’s tech sector is diverse and innovative, and we can expect to see advancements in many different areas in the coming years. It is important that we harbour innovation to find solutions to the problems we are facing within Tech and Cyber and scale organisations that are fostering the power of Technology to tackle these issues. Many organisations are now seeing Bristol as the breeding ground of creativity, and it’s exciting to see how this develops over the next couple of years.

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