Addressing the cyber skills gap

InfoSec People’s Owner and Managing Director, Ben Craig, has recently been collaborating with organisations and speaking at cyber community events, such as CyNam, to address the perennial issue of the cyber skills gap. He has shared his thoughts on how we, as individuals and as an industry, can embrace change.

The Cyber Skills Gap – Not Necessarily True

We are working in a candidate driven market, and yes, people do have niche skills. However, let’s challenge the notion of an insurmountable “gap.” Instead, we must work hard to adapt our approach to attract skilled individuals and nurture their potential.

Diversifying Our Approach

Embrace SMEs who have the capability to learn and adapt swiftly. Real-world experience can be as valuable as formal qualifications (GRC Consultants shouldn’t need to be SABSA certified). Job descriptions are not evolving, and candidates now expect clarity. Prioritise 5 key requirements and emphasise them during interviews.

Tapping into Fresh Talent

Find a way to engage with and nurture young talent and recent graduates/people who have retrained. There are some brilliant people coming through the likes of CAPSLOCK & SANS Institute development courses right now. By providing internal mentorship and development programmes, we can have a better shot of ensuring the pipeline of skilled professionals don’t become disillusioned and leave 1 year in.

Breaking Down Bureaucratic Barriers, A Fresh Perspective on Procurement

Many of the CISOs I speak with often face bureaucratic hurdles that hamper their ability to deliver an effective Target Operating Model. Streamlining internal processes will empower them to protect businesses more effectively.

High Risks and Stressed CISOs

The stakes are high, and CISOs shoulder enormous responsibility. A proactive talent strategy is crucial to alleviate the burden and enhance organisational security. Let CISOs collaborate with specialised 3rd parties for hiring instead of wasting time on unsuitable CVs from PSL agencies.
The consequence of misaligned hiring can be catastrophic and lead to increased attrition rates over time.

Collaborative Efforts

Businesses, Recruitment Consultancies, Academia, and Government MUST work together to bridge the talent gap effectively. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing will strengthen the cybersecurity community and only serve to bring change. Let’s move beyond mere talk and take meaningful action to address this challenge.

Embracing True Diversity: Beyond Traditional Boundaries

As professionals, we understand that diversity goes far beyond just sexual orientation, gender, or race. It is essential that we broaden our perspective and embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in its entirety. Let’s take the time to understand and support all underrepresented groups, creating an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Embracing Change

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, and so should our approach. By embracing change, we can overcome challenges and build a more secure digital future.

For the full discussion with cyber security leaders, check out Ben’s LinkedIn post.

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