Beyond the technical roles: Marketing

Are you interested in the world of cyber security and technology but assume a technical background is the only way in? Think again! There are multiple roles within cyber security and tech that don’t involve being technical. These roles can also transition into technical roles due to their transferable skills and on-the job-learning (if that’s what you’re interested in going fully into!). Let’s dive into one of the roles within the non-technical side of cyber security and tech – Marketing!

Harriet Walker (#notatechie)

Marketing Manager at InfoSec People

With a HND in Graphic Design and Udemy Marketing courses under her belt, Harriet started her Cyber Security Marketing career in 2019 when she joined an Information Risk Management consultancy as a Marketing Executive. With no prior cyber security experience, Harriet found the industry to be an absolute whirlwind of knowledge and information. It didn’t take her long to realise that she wanted cyber security to be her marketing niche. In 2020, Harriet joined InfoSec People as a Marketing Executive, aiming to continue sharing industry insights and expanding her network. A year later, Harriet won the internal Directors Choice Award, and became the Marketing Manager.

Cyber Security Marketing 

Marketing within cyber security allows you to immerse yourself into the industry. Throughout your career, you’ll be learning about innovative trends, meeting industry experts, attending or sponsoring events and workshops. All of these experiences will greatly impact your understanding of cyber security and technology, whilst adding the creative marketing twist. Here are a couple of key insights into how my role plays a significant part in the cyber security industry.

Unveiling the Power of Marketing

Marketing within cyber security means diving deep into researching and learning all things related to cyber, including understanding threats, vulnerabilities, solutions for mitigating risks, continuous innovation (think AI, quantum computing, new types of malware, etc.), and much more. By mastering cyber security content, you’ll soon realise you know a lot more about cyber security than you think.

Bridging the Gap Through Conversations

Being in cyber security marketing means not only crafting content but also engaging in conversations with technical experts and industry leaders. Through conducting interviews for content pieces, organising and sponsoring events and roundtables, hosting Q&A sessions, and participating in all the other exciting aspects of marketing, you’ll soon find yourself sharing knowledge and engaging in discussions that unlock a wealth of technical insights.

Learning on the Go

One of the remarkable aspects of this journey is the opportunity to learn on the job. Every project becomes a platform for learning about cyber security, helping you gradually transform into someone comfortable with all the technical jargon that’s out there. As you translate technical concepts for non-technical audiences, you’ll discover your own evolution into a tech-savvy enthusiast. For those marketing within organisations like consultancies, the learning journey extends further. Engaging with the technical teams within the organisation, you’ll find yourself seamlessly learning as you go! The insights from colleagues and clients widen your perspective. I’ve learned so much just from being around my security consultant colleagues and friends, and even participating in Discord channels with those in the industry!

The Network Connection

For me, networking is probably the biggest part of marketing and cyber security. From connecting at industry events to creating relationships with those you meet at them; you’ll create a network that nurtures your growth and opens doors to learning and collaboration. Embrace the excitement of community events and cyber summits, attend all the different talks and workshops (Highly recommended any BSides in the UK – Cheltenham BSides was fantastic!). These events aren’t exclusive to the tech elite; they’re gateways to deeper insights, practical skills, and connections – within marketing, all of this means having a strong network you can leverage for more thought pieces, Q&As, interviews, etc it can become content galore!

Soft Skills Paving the Way

The ‘soft skills’ within marketing become your secret tools. Think problem-solving, where you unravel challenges and threats, and adaptability, which aids in navigating the ever-changing cyber landscape. Your communication skills become the bridge that spans the gap between technical jargon and the wider world. Presenting and reporting are a large part of both marketing and cyber security, and having an attention to detail as a skill can be seen throughout any opportunity in cyber security.

In an industry defined by innovation and adaptability, cyber security marketing provides a path that merges creativity with technical knowledge. Sharing knowledge and educating others about cybersecurity via content creation, Q&As, industry experts interviews, articles, whitepapers, infographics, events, workshops, etc, is why Marketing is working side-by-side with technical roles in leading the way to a safer world online.

P.S. You may feel that the cyber security world can be a bit intimidating or daunting, but trust me, speaking to individuals in the industry throughout my journey has truly boosted my knowledge and, honestly, my confidence (I’ve also gained some lifelong friends because of it!). So many people in the industry are eager to share and guide others through the whirlwind that is cyber security. Go out there and introduce yourself as someone willing to learn! It’s honestly the best thing I ever did.

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