Guest blog: The Circle Line

InfoSec People had the pleasure of speaking with Stuart Mace, Ambassador of The Circle Line, to discuss how they work with companies and individuals to drive personal growth and mental wellbeing with expert tools and online therapy, helping people reach their true potential.

How does mental health in employees affect organisations?

Mental health can affect organisations positively and negatively. There is no doubt that organisations are going to have a more engaged workforce if their employees are mentally healthy and strong. Companies and individuals can thrive when there is an awareness of mental wellbeing, and support in place to encourage and develop the workforce, any companies most precious asset. Generally there is better communication, healthier relationships, more accountability, less absenteeism, increased productivity and ultimately a greater sense of purpose.

Poor mental health can be crippling to a company and an individual. The financial implications are growing yearly. At the beginning of 2020, Deloitte published a report specifically researching mental health in the workplace. The report illustrated that poor mental health on average costs a business in the UK nearly £2,000 per employee, per year. This is despite initiatives in place and before COVID-19.

Estimates for 2020 are far exceeding this figure and whilst organisations are now more aware of mental health, many of the issues companies are facing were already prevalent in business. COVID-19 has been a catalyst and many businesses are struggling to get to grips with how to support employees and make knee jerk reactions to old and underlying issues.
As a first step creating a culture that is understanding, supportive, caring and trusting is good for people and, therefore, good for business.

What effect does remote working have on an employee’s mental health?

Remote working has its plus points. During the first lockdown, there was a sense of novelty and as human beings we are adept at adapting. We can work and not be in the office. This can bring about more ease with family, commuting, costs, lifestyle and choice. The freedom remote working can give should not be underestimated.

However, working from home can also have a negative impact on mental health. Some workers can become isolated, burnt out, anxious and unmotivated amongst other feelings. This can happen in every level of the business, from top to bottom. No one is immune.

A company’s approach to remote working can make a huge difference to the mental health of its employees. Trust, connection and communication are vital aspects to help employees feel positively about their work and feel safe within the business and themselves.

What is ‘The Circle Line’?

The Circle Line is a mental wellbeing company that helps people and progressive businesses thrive by developing their workers, teams and culture through our psychological expertise and bespoke platform for mental wellbeing and self-development. We’re on a mission to help people unlock their potential by driving personal growth through affordable and accessible therapy and self education.

Mental well-being is similar to physical health, prevention is better than a cure and whilst we can support individuals and businesses that require repairing, the mindset of being healthy and staying healthy is equally important.

How can The Circle Line help organisations?

We can provide self education and awareness at an individual level with our 12 module self learning programme which helps individuals understand themselves better and create better relationships. We also have our secure platform for workers to have access to qualified practitioners on-line face to face or via an anonymous Slack channel. It is critical that the business understands that the relationship is between the individual and the practitioner and this is a confidential and non judgemental relationship which is not shared with the business. It is important for us, organisations and the individuals to know that whilst a business is supporting its workers, conversations are strictly confidential.

At a broader level, The Circle Line offers training for senior management and line managers to help create a healthy culture using a school of Psychology called Transactional Analysis (TA). This area of psychology is focused on self awareness and our training and programme can start individuals on their self development journey.

How does it work?

Any business can support their employees with a wellbeing initiative. We believe giving employees the opportunity to learn what is best for them on an individual basis is sustainable and more efficient. Organisations can support their employees by giving them access to the necessary tools for them to understand and support themselves.

At The Circle Line, this can be achieved in two ways.

1) Access a self development, 12 module programme created to encourage employees to self learn.

2) Access to on-line qualified practitioners for counselling or talking therapy, such as CBT. This is provided on a secure and confidential platform where an individual meets directly with their practitioner, however, the information nor the context of the conversation is shared with their employer.

As mentioned, It is critical that confidentiality is maintained. These services can be funded by a business in advance or monthly depending on what is best for the business.

We’re here to help.

Can you offer support to people of all seniorities?

Absolutely, our services are available to everyone from the age of 18 (at the moment). We have often helped employees’ family members, young and old.

Talking about your mental well-being is becoming more acceptable in today’s culture, however, we still find there is a generational resistance and this can be particularly a vulnerable age group as life experiences and events have taken their toll. We encourage anyone of any age to be aware of how they feel and know that ‘just get on with it’ mindset doesn’t always have to be the thinking in life. You are never too old to start learning new things and achieve new heights.

How many practitioners are available?

Currently we have around 25 practitioners available with a whole range of qualifications to support our clients. As The Circle Line goes, so will the number of our practitioners. All our practitioners are vetted and are members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This is important to us as we offer qualified professional support whilst maintaining an affordable and accessible service.

What are the future plans of The Circle Line?

Our ambition is to make support affordable and accessible to everyone – this will require us to continue spreading the word in organisations and to the general public. We plan to scale up to be in the best position possible to engage with people and businesses to make learning and supporting yourself fun.


How do you match someone with a practitioner?

It is vitally important to feel that your practitioner is right for you. We offer a ‘match me’ service on our website which will make suggestions of the right practitioner for you based on your answers of five to six questions. These questions are based on your availability, what you are looking to talk about and how often you would like to speak to your practitioner. Once you have made your choice, booking to speak with your practitioner is easy based on when you can both make it.

How can people get in touch?

Our website is or we are on all social media platforms. My email address is if you prefer a private approach or will also be a place where you can get in touch.

If you’d like to feature in one of our blogs you can contact the team at

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