Diversity progression in cyber security


Diversity has been a focal point in the last couple of years, it’s an area that has been a real challenging issue within cyber security. Director of lnfoSec People and CyNamChris Dunning-Walton, spoke with Microsoft‘s Chief Security Advisor, Sarah Armstrong-Smith about whether Diversity has gained momentum in the cyber security industry.


Chris and Sarah discuss how diversity has been gaining momentum at the junior level in the cyber security industry for example, in apprenticeships and graduate schemes, but still lacking within leadership roles.

“There is a long way to go to have true diversity, it’s important to focus on the diverse thinking within the different backgrounds and cultures, otherwise we are in danger of becoming a hive mind.” – Sarah Armstrong Smith.

With cyber criminals continuously evolving their strategies to exploit technologies and people, the industry needs similar types of people that have those different types of skill sets and different ways of thinking.

The cyber security industry is extremely varied in terms of the number of opportunities and capabilities there are, it requires people who have a vastly diverse skill set to be able to operate successfully across the board.

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In response to the pandemic’s severe impact on parts of the labour market, Microsoft launched its Global Skills Initiative to help 25 million people worldwide acquire digital skills and certifications to find new jobs. With the mission of Security For All, Microsoft Security is making it possible through their sponsorships and programs to making cybersecurity available to everyone—as a professional option and as business protection against cyber threats:

Microsoft launches initiative to help 25 million people worldwide acquire the digital skills needed in a COVID-19 economy – The Official Microsoft Blog

Find out how Microsoft is dedicated to infusing diversity and inclusion principles into their leadership, communication, innovation, and the way they build products and technologies:



InfoSec is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in both our workplace and throughout our recruitment processes. We are determined in the pursuit and development of talent, regardless of the background of the individual. We follow best practice in all of the nine different areas of equality, namely: age, gender/gender reassignment, disability, religion, ethnicity, marital status, maternal status, and sexual orientation.

While significant progress has been made with regards to gender diversity in the sector, we continue to work proactively across the diversity agenda. InfoSec employ a range of techniques to help us source diverse candidate fields for our clients. This is underpinned by a strong values-driven approach of being professional, supportive, open and honest with candidates and clients.

As part of our commitment to diversity, it is our intent to ensure that all shortlists submitted reflect diversity wherever possible.


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