The Board and Cyber: Current challenges


Director of lnfoSec People and CyNam, Chris Dunning-Walton, spoke with Microsoft’s Chief Security Advisor, Sarah Armstrong-Smith. The topic up for discussion focuses on the Board and Cyber. Discussing the challenges that remain in the Board and ExCo of major enterprises around cyber security being an enabler or a necessary evil.


One of the major areas that’s constantly talked about in cyber security, is whether the board and EXCO’s of major enterprises are seeing cyber security as an enabler or a necessary evil that is just seen as a cost, most don’t know how to deal with or even why. Sarah explains how cyber security is not an IT risk – it’s a business risk, we must be looking into not only the technology side of things but the peoples perspective, making sure everyone understands what the increased risks are and what could be. Now that most people are working remotely, it’s more likely they are using multiple devices and logging in to anywhere at any time – it’s important to put this into context and into a language people understand.

Also in this discussion:

What can be done to develop the areas of opportunity for cyber security leaders that reside outside the technical sphere to fit the job role better?

Are information security leaders being equipped adequately with the necessary skills to function in strategic positions, such as, communicating with the Board effectively, encouraging Authentic Leadership and Servant Leadership approaches, broadening their knowledge of general big business and how cyber security relates?

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